Dave Wood's Picture

Hi I’m Dave.

I’m a web developer (ruby on rails) with a special interest in telling stories and providing insights with data visualisation. Focused on using javascript (d3.js) and tools such tableau.

I have a broad business analysis background in the pensions, investment banking, reinsurance broking and reinsurance industries. Having worked overseas in Singapore, USA and London, I have recently moved back to Sydney.

I love getting outside. Away from the computer you’ll find me swimming in the ocean, running, snowboarding or trying to decide on the next adventure.

If you’d like to chat, contact me via email at davwood_1@yahoo.com.au.

You can also view my linkedin profile

This Site

This site was built with the octopress and hosted on github.

Base theme is from oscailte from there I’ve modified it.

The data visualisations are generated using d3.